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Buckhead Speech Specialists, Inc. is a speech-language therapy clinic focused on providing customized intervention for both speech sound production and language difficulties. We also offer group sessions to focus on improving pragmatic language and social skills.

Speech Disorders

Most children make mistakes as they are learning to say new words. A speech sound disorder occurs when mistakes persist past a certain age. There are two classes of speech sound disorders: articulation (making individual sounds), and phonological processes (sound patterns).

A phonological process disorder affects classes of sounds. For example, substituting all sounds made in the back of the mouth like “k” and “g” for those in the front of the mouth like “t” and “d” (e.g., saying “tey” for “key” or “do” for “go”).

Buckhead Speech Specialists can help! We pride ourselves on being able to remediate speech sound disorders and help improve overall intelligibility for all our clients. We use research-based therapy techniques to remediate speech sound disorders. We also provide parent education and carryover activities for each client to practice at home.

Language Disorders:

There are two categories of language disorders: receptive language and expressive language.

When a child exhibits a receptive language disorder, he or she demonstrates difficulty understanding what others are saying. This includes difficulty following directions, and answering questions.

When a child demonstrates an expressive Language Disorder, he shows difficulty expressing his wants, needs, and knowledge to others in his environment.

Buckhead Speech Specialists, Inc. utilizes several therapy techniques for language therapy. When working with toddlers and pre-school students with language disorders, we use naturalistic, child-led therapy, to make learning engaging and fun. Children learn through play, and language is absorbed during meaningful activities. Parent education is always provided, along with activities to use at home.

Social Skills Groups

Buckhead Speech Specialists offers a weekly social skills group to help clients improve relationships, deal with emotions, and improve problem-solving skills. Because language is used to form relationships, many clients with language disorders often show weaknesses in social skills. This group focuses on building friendships and working on social skills needed for both home and school life. Clients will learn how to appropriately respond in a variety of stressful social situations. Each week, a different topic is addressed through story time, play with friends, arts and crafts, cooking, etc. Topics include: turn-taking, controlling anger, and flexibility, etc. Children are given as much support as they need in a small-group setting where friendships are formed.

Age Groups:

Preschool (Ages 3-5)

School Age (Ages 5-9)


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